Sony’s PlayStation 4

Sony is about to unveil its PS4. Much waited – I hope so it is. Though over the past few days I have been seeing a not so optimistic outlook for the product in terms of potential customers. The age for avid and devout video games followers is slowly languishing in it’s own breed, as new options avail. And it raises the doubt of whether money in the console video games has lost its zest, and that turnovers in other things could be more appealing.


A kind of it’s own?

Smartphones and tablets all provide a short and pleasurable gaming experience for a person who wants to kill away time. Apple really started the whole revolution of the smartphones and Samsung and other players followed and have battled with hefty smartphones and tablets that bring in a style of their own. As more companies, even the likes of Sony and Microsoft, join the charade and pick up on new developments, the big question is what’s going to happen to consoles. The near to immaculate technology found on these devices, along with the more than plenty game Apps released on a continual basis, is going to be a triumph against the consoles and is going to raise a doubts of where people are going to make the big bucks.

In terms of revenue, I think that Sony’s PS4 won’t make the mark. Instead they should try their hands in smartphones or something like that. Even other investors thought so as, ahead of the PS4 announcement, the stock dropped by 2%. But on the flip side, who knows… anything goes, right? Maybe the PS4 will be a big surprise. The date they have to release it is definitely prosperous though… Christmas!


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