Extra, Extra: Newspapers on Life Support

This article got published in an economics journal.

This upholds my theory that the world is shifting from information on paper to a whole new digital sphere. Just like Newsweek recently switched and soon many more publication companies will. This article that I wrote goes into more depth as to the economics and history behind the issue… (Enjoy!)

Whats going to happen next?  ... Ask these guys!

Whats going to happen next? … Ask these guys!

Newspapers are on a precipitous decline.  Ever since the television was first introduced to the public, newspapers have simply failed to bring up the bar. They have been unable to deliver. Today, we are enthralled and absorbed by TV’s and the Internet. The advent of the internet and the ability of consumers to now access the web through a host of devices such as mobile phones has hastened newspapers decline. Needless to say, we have also become dependent on them for the news. Why are newspapers not getting any demand from consumers? Continue reading


UK still in ‘austerity’ street

Ahead of UK losing its AAA credit rating, it will still continue with strict austerity measures to offset this waning sentiment.

“For we’ve had a stark reminder this weekend of the single most important truth about our economy — Britain has a debt problem, built up over many years, and we have got to deal with it.”

UK didn’t take the situation smartly when they were in good times before the big crash and following hazards in 2008. They chose to increase there deficit, by increasing spending, borrowing, and growing a lazy attitude when times were good. Because of that it’s now struggling to make means, and becoming more and more like Greece and Portugal who have said goodbye to their financial dignities.


For one thing: UK citizens aren’t happy!

Right now, its all up to Germany and Switzerland, the two ongoing strongholds, to help keep Europe’s reputation in the eyes of sanity. Hopefully UK and other European countries ,like Spain and Greece, will follow in wake to make Europe shine again!

Richard Branson: A look into his life.


Richard Branson was a talented individual from his childhood. People looked at him as a role model and looked up to his huge success in business and life. Virgin Group was his creation and it is one of the most well known companies today. Many people would think that Richard was a scholar in school, but he wasn’t. Ironically, Richard was terrible at school and this was partly because of his dyslexic condition. Richard didn’t like school, but what he did like was business. Continue reading

Sony’s PlayStation 4

Sony is about to unveil its PS4. Much waited – I hope so it is. Though over the past few days I have been seeing a not so optimistic outlook for the product in terms of potential customers. The age for avid and devout video games followers is slowly languishing in it’s own breed, as new options avail. And it raises the doubt of whether money in the console video games has lost its zest, and that turnovers in other things could be more appealing.


A kind of it’s own?

Smartphones and tablets all provide a short and pleasurable gaming experience Continue reading