Newsweek ends its print-run, plans to go all-digital.

After years of losing money, Newsweek announced on Thursday that it will stop printing its magazine and become a digital-only publication, to be called Newsweek Global.

The print is slowly shifting into the oblivion. With the dawn of the ‘digital world’ in the 1990s, the mode of distributing information has since never been the same. Print&media companies have started to take advantage of this great phenomenon by dividing their attention to both print and the digital sectors. But starting out as a station wagon, the internet has since metamorphosed into a race care going at full throttle. Print&media companies, in the flurry of it all, don’t want to see this opportunity slip from there grasp and let competition weaken their chances of making it big. They want to start now. And just like that Newsweek has taken the move. They have said bye bye to print, and embraced the digital world. Newsweek is ready to test the race car.

Another reason that people are not reading Newsweek magazines is that they come out, and as the name suggests, every week! People can get Continue reading