UK’s ailing economy effecting children

The UK is heading into greater state of frustration, as economic woes continue to mount. Children are being stripped away of important necessities which can severely effect their growth and development. The badgering rates of unemployment and rising living costs are causing poverty to break out and effect not only the elderly, but also the young ones. Get a closer look into the realms of the unemployed, and see what they really have to say:


USA: The unemployment mess. (A retrospect – 2011)

Article written in September, 2011. Just my thoughts and ideas on what the US could have implement as a potential resolve to there deep unemployments sores. Moreover I believe that this can even be implemented as of today!

The United States is plunging into a deep hole, struggling to make consensuses and cure unemployment. The country is going through some rough times and its economy has seen an humongous downturn in 2011. Stock prices gave way, Europe debt crisis became worse, S&P lowered the debt rating and the country was on the verge of default. What could be worse? Continue reading